Social Sarahmony's Holiday Gift Guide


Social Sarahmony wants to take the stress out of holiday shopping, which is why we have put together a personal guide perfect for each person in your life. Spread love this holiday season to those who matter most.

For the Beauty Guru: One of the best gifts to give is self care. Treat your bestie, mom, or self to a spa day at our go to place, Ma Maison De Beaute. For December only they are offering 50% off ThermiVa, Thermismooth, and Venus Viva treatments - or go with one of their rejuvenating facials! Whatever you choose, spend this season feeling beautiful inside and out.

For the Coffee Lover: What better way to support your loved one’s coffee addiction than with one of the the yummiest, and healthiest creamers out there? Leaner Creamer will make any coffee lover happy with their clean ingredients like hoodia, coconut oil, and green tea extract that make the perfect addition to their morning cup while promoting healthy weight loss.

For the Fitness Friend: We all have that person in our lives who manages to stay slim and trim, even during the holidays. The Studio MDR, located at Runway Playa Vista, is a fun way to break a sweat, while enjoying a total-body program that blends elements of Pilates, cardio training and weight-bearing activity to create a revolutionary, one-of-a-kind exercise program. Book them a class or give a gift card to the studio!

For the Vegan: Support your plant-based loved one with an essential kitchen cookbook like Dana Shultz’s: Minimalist Baker's Everyday Cooking. If eating out is their thing, splurge on a gift card to one our our favorite L.A. hot spots, Erewhon. With vegan products, a hot bar, and fresh juices and smoothies, your favorite vegan will be in plant-based heaven.

For the Floral Fanatic: Who doesn’t love weekly fresh flowers? Your Flower Guide’s artfully- inspired arrangements are the perfect way to brighten up a home and spread holiday love.

How to Be Present While Staying Social


We’ve all been there. You’re at dinner with friends or having a conversation at work, and find yourself constantly checking your texts, emails, and feeds. We all love social media for different reasons. Staying updated on your friends and family, sharing the best moments of your life, and finding a like minded community are just some of our favorite things about these platforms.

While we love being able to stay connected at all times, sometimes, it's best to know when to unplug. We want to share how we practice presence, while still staying on top of our social media game.

Know When to Stop Working

For us at Social Sarahmony, social media is not only for pleasure, but for business as well! A typical day in the life at the office consists of engaging online, posting, and planning our content for the weeks ahead. We love every aspect of this modern marketing tool, but when everyday is filled with constant feed updates, creative captions, and client emails, it’s best to know when to take a break. The best approach to this is to set aside a time at the end of the day where you are away from your phone for at least an hour. Spend this time doing something you genuinely enjoy, and where you don't feel like you have to update your followers on your every move. Our go to ways to unwind are cooking a homemade meal after work, moving our body (without taking a gym selfie!), and cozying up with our favorite book before bed.

Don’t Do it for the Gram

While nothing is wrong with documenting life’s moments for memories that will last forever, sometimes it's easy to get lost in getting the shot for the perfect instagram post. With Iphones practically being as advanced as a Nikon nowadays, it's hard to fight the urge of having a full blow photo shoot every chance you can take. Try to remind yourself to live in the moment, which for us means asking ourselves if we actually want to document this current time in life, or if we just want to see how many likes our photo can get.

Only Check When You Need To

One of the easiest and most useful tools in staying in the now is to simply turn off your notifications! Not only will this save a TON of precious phone battery, but will also limit the amount of time you are scrolling through your feeds. Doing so will help you pay more attention to what's in front of you, immerse yourself in real life, and help you actually engage in that dinner you planned with your friends (you don’t HAVE to take a boomerang of a group cheers). There’s nothing wrong with wanting to share life’s little moments, but take time to actually enjoy them.

Social media means the world to us at Social Sarahmony, but we make sure it doesn’t become our entire world! Finding that perfect balance of presence on and offline can be tricky, but we hope these tips help you find that sweet spot, and take you one step further in enjoying the best of these social worlds.

How Instagram Aesthetics can make or break your Feed


Instagram is the go to platform that is entirely based on visuals. Unlike Twitter and Facebook that utilize aspects like status updates and opinion sharing along with photos and videos, while Instagram’s feed is exclusively dependent on some form or another of a graphic element. Whether your account is committed to recipe sharing, fashion updates, or dog photography, establishing an aesthetic is essential in creating a feed that will draw your audience in and encourage them to stick around.

Before you decide on a certain look for your profile, your must first be aware of who your audience is and what they are looking for. The first thing someone sees when visiting your profile is the most recent  2-3 grids of posts you have shared. This is the deciding factor on whether or not they decide to hit that follow button. A good instagram feed can make or break your account because if your content does not effectively display the story you are aiming to tell, this will be translated in your analytics. When your Insta appeals to the audience, they are motivated to stick around for more.

The first step to building a cohesive feed is choosing a filter that you can apply to every photo you post. Take into consideration what type of content you are posting. If your posts are mainly focused on baking or art, choose a filter that is bright and will enhance your content. Even if you post about a variety of subjects, a filter sets the tone for your feed vibe. We love utilizing fun apps like VSCO, which provide a large range of filter options besides the standard instagram classics like Valencia. Along with a filter, focusing on a certain color that appears consistently can allow your followers to recognize your posts when they appear on their feeds, and help them understand the overall meaning behind your account.

Another way to guarantee a cohesive feed is to take advantage of platforms like Planoly or Unum, where you can plan your posts ahead of time and see how they will appear on your profile. Arranging your posts this way can prevent a drastic mistake of breaking the flow of your feed. Spacing your subjects out creates variety while assuring that no two similar posts will be placed together.

Finally, it’s time to choose a theme that will tell you or your brand’s story. There are an infinite amount of directions to take, but some our favorite looks include:

  1. Color Block: This theme is extremely colorful, and looks best when your content is full of color, and can be done by choosing images that are mostly made up of a single color that can contrast from one another.

  2. Minimalist: With this refreshing theme, less is more. Brands featuring a certain product or service can use neutral colors, simple images, and an organized pattern to give a professional impression on their audience.

  3. Color Transition: This fun feed can be accomplished by choosing to post content that features a single color that lasts for at least 3-4 rows of grids. After featuring this color, switch to a contrasting one and post that color for some time. This produces a feed that looks organized but also fun!

Taking the time to establish an aesthetic can be the secret ingredient in what sets you apart from accounts similar to yours. Each post is a piece of the puzzle, and when the puzzle is pieced correctly, your story shines through. Follow our tips if you want to learn how an Instagram aesthetic can grow your audience, increase your engagement, and define your brand. We are also available for social media consulting on this subject!

The Do's and Don'ts of Community Engagement


Instagram is meant for posting content, connecting with others, and of course, sharing memes. However, Instagram has also become a platform where businesses and people can join and connect with specific communities. One of the most important tools in building an awareness for new profiles or seasoned influencers alike, is community engagement. Community engagement is essential in getting the conversation started, and letting other members of your community become aware of your profile. We’re laying down do’s and don’ts of community engagement and what you can gain from it all.

Before you can start connecting with your target audience, you must first find your tribe. The community you want to become a part of are those who have related interests or a similar purpose for being on the app. Hashtags are the best place to start because they open up the floodgates to every community imaginable. DO: choose a hashtag that you use often in your posts, then scroll through other posts that also use that hashtag. After searching through the top posts that use these same hashtags, make sure to leave a positive comment, a like, and maybe even a follow! This not only helps build your brand, but reach more people than ever before. The more people you reach, the more your community will begin to grow.  

Leaving a couple of comments, then sitting back and watching the numbers grow won’t do the trick. Consistency and quality is key when building your community. DON’T: leave generic comments that can be found under any type of content. Put thought and care into what you’re putting out into the social media world. Not only will this make you stand out from the rest, but will also motivate others to return the engagement. DO: set aside 20-30 minutes a day solely for community engagement. This upkeep will allow your profile to be seen more and more. DON’T: attempt to connect with irrelevant profiles. This defeats the purpose of building a strong relationship with others that might be interested in your content.

Community engagement can impact your social media game in more ways than one. It is key to not only growing your following, likes, and comments, but building your brand and business. Community engagement allows you to connect with real people who are interested in your brand, which can be more beneficial than numbers in the long run.

We hope these Do’s and Don’ts help you flex your engagement game and enjoy your social media platforms even more. For more social media tips and tricks make sure to stay updated on our blog and follow @socialsarahmony on Instagram!

How to Make the Most of a Monthly Content Calendar


Anyone who has ever worked in the world of social media knows that content calendars = life. What better way to strategize your monthly posts, celebrate holidays like World Taco Day, and plan your clever captions ahead of time? The Social Sarahmony team doesn’t go a day without checking into our content cals, so we’re here to tell you how to use your monthly content calendars to flex your best social media game.

1. Never guess again

One of the best things about using a monthly content calendar is that for the entire month ahead, each one of your posts is planned and ready to go. Determine how many times a week your various accounts are posting, and what days your content will go live. Then decide which photos/videos to choose and the appropriate captions. Never again try and guess which photo you were supposed to post on the third Saturday of October. Simply glance at your content cal to stay on top of posts.

2. Celebrate

Our favorite thing about planning our posts ahead is that we love to stay on top of the monthly Holidays. Whether that be the big ones like Halloween and Christmas, or the small but ever important holidays like National Milkshake Day, we make sure we’re aware ahead of time so we have the perfect photo to post. This way, we aren’t hastily trying to find content to post and instead keeping our feeds consistent and fresh.

3. Consistency is Key

Staying organized with a monthly content calendar is key to creating your best feed. Our team prefers to post at least three times a week, with each post going live at the same time each time. This consistency not only allows our audiences to expect when to see our content, but also helps us know exactly when to post. However, life, and social media, is unpredictable. If a client or yourself wants to add an unplanned post to the feed, don’t fret. Instances like these keep your profile up to date and current.

Whether you want to create your own calendar, or use a pre-made template like the amazing, utilizing a monthly content cal to your advantage can raise your social media bar even higher. We hope these tips help you organize and plan your highest quality content.

Balancing Work and Play in the Social Media


Everyday is different when working in the world of social media. New ideas, creative projects, and communicating with clients are just some of our favorite things about our digital profession. One of the best advantages of having Instagram as one of our social tools is that we can work from everywhere and anywhere. However, with this flexibility comes great responsibility! We strive to balance keeping up with the demands of feeds, followers, and aesthetic, while making sure to step away from the workplace, wherever that may be. Sometimes it’s hard to find that sweet spot of working on your own schedule, while still taking time to step away from the screen. Here are our go to tips on how to balance your work, while still leaving room for some much needed play:

  1. Switch up your space

If you find yourself inspired by working at your kitchen table everyday, find a space that allows your creative thoughts to flow freely. Designate a space in your home that motivates you to be your own boss. Local coffee shops also offer a productive environment where you can surround yourself with others who are working on their own time. Plus, who doesn’t love a macadamia milk latte?

  1. Don’t take work wherever you go

It may seem easy to respond to a client email or check on your instagram engagement when out to dinner with a friend or spending time with family. Although productive, allowing yourself to separate your work time and “me” time can improve your productivity and creativity in the long run. Close the computer at the end of the day, throw on a face mask, and enjoy your nightly Netflix binge ritual. Wake up the next morning refreshed and clear minded for what’s ahead!

  1. Create a schedule

Integrating structure into your work day helps you complete your tasks and accomplish goals. This allows the everyday distractions of friends, house chores, and the latest quiz on buzzfeed to take the backburner for a few hours a day. Designate this time like you would if you were going to the office and working along peers. Also incorporate some much needed breaks to move your body and replenish your creative flow. Finish your day feeling accomplished and satisfied.

Whether you're new to the work-from-home life or feeling stuck in the same old routine, we hope these tips help you find a balance in your daily grind. Be sure to check back every other week for a brand new blog post from the SocialSarahmony team.  

What Not to do When Trying to Grow your Instagram

Screen Shot 2018-09-11 at 8.16.07 PM.png

It’s no secret that Instagram is one of the biggest platforms for sharing and engaging in original content. This creative space gives users the opportunity to reach large audiences with their posts and engagement, creating an amazing community of like minded creators. If you're trying to gain followers, increase engagement, build a communityor just want to connect with more people, you may feel frustrated when you feel like you're doing everything right, with no results to show it. That's why we're here to point out some mistakes you might not even know you are making. Keep reading for tips so you can grow grow grow!

1. Be Genuine

Even though Instagram isn't IRL, it is very easy to tell when someone is being genuine or not. Transparency is key to Instagram because this allows other users to relate and interact with the real you. If you find yourself making generic comments on others posts, without any real context or relatability, your comments won’t stand out or grab that person’s attention. Also, if you do get caught in the act of faking yourself, your rep can seriously take a toll. Remember, it's always better to be authentic in a world of counterfeits.

2. Don’t Follow for Follow

Sure, this may seem like a concrete way to gain followers because the more numbers the better, right? Not always. Yes, you may see your follower count raise when you advertise a follow for follow deal all over the gram, but these new followers may not always be the audience you’re trying to attract. This crowd is most likely also looking for more followers, but aren’t genuinely interested in your content. This will show on your likes, comments, and general engagement, making this method almost useless. It may take more effort, but try to engage with others who truly want to see your content. Quantity is definitely not better than quality in this case.  

3. No one likes Spam

Don’t be the account that comments and likes over 100 times on a profile or post. Just don’t. This almost will always have the exact opposite effect of what you're striving for. Not only does this make you look like a sketchy bot, but will make any influencer and blogger so annoyed they will close out the app all together. Feel free to follow, engage, and comment how you please, but never overdo it!  

3. Find your Vibe

Now that you’ve changed your ways and are an Instagram growing pro, you can narrow down your aesthetic to something that is true to you. Having a distinct “look” to your profile helps others understand your brand, as well as remembering you even after they click on the next upcoming influencer. Once you’ve established your aesthetic, look for others with a similar vibe who you can make a genuine connection with!

We hope these tips help you take your instagram to the top of the pop page and let you enjoy the app even more! Now take your new tools and start building your brand to the level you know it can be.

Q & A with @SocialSarahmony's Sienna Ricca


1. What is a day in the life of Sienna look like?

The first thing I do when I wake up is journal. I jot down what I am grateful for, what I would like to accomplish that day, and a daily affirmation! It's the perfect start to a positive day. I then usually take a 30-40 minute walk while listening to music or my favorite audio book, then head to my local yoga studio to get my flow on. After, I refuel my body with a big smoothie, and when I’m not in the SS office working with my team, I love to walk down to the beach for some sun and an ocean swim.

2. What is your favorite part of working in the social media world/for Social Sarahmony?

My favorite part about working in the social media world, specifically with Social Sarahmony, is that every day I get a chance to be creative. Whether that be creating graphics for clients, writing blog posts, or taking beautiful pictures to share with our audience.

3. Tell us about your perfect gram.

For me, the perfect instagram post is a picture that you genuinely love and want to share with the world, even if the lighting isn't perfect, or it doesn’t exactly go with your aesthetic. As long as you enjoyed taking it and sharing it, then that is the perfect post!

4. What is your favorite recipe you have made on your account @partywithplants?

This is a hard one! Creating recipes and eating them with family and friends is one of my favorite things in the world! If I had to choose, I would say my “healthy vegan chocolate chip frappuccino” because it brought me back to my childhood days of Starbucks dates with my dad.

5. Most IG worthy spot in LA?

Hands down the pink Paul Smith wall. Just kidding! I actually love the Griffith Observatory for the perfect golden hour shot, or the Beverly Hills Hotel, where you can find the classic banana leaf palm print every corner you turn.

6. In another life you were...

In my past life I am convinced I was Frida Kahlo. For as long as I can remember I have always identified with her creativity, determination, and being unapologetically herself.

Follow Sienna on Instagram @tofuslutt and @partywithplants to see her daily inspirations and vegan creations!