The Do's and Don'ts of Community Engagement


Instagram is meant for posting content, connecting with others, and of course, sharing memes. However, Instagram has also become a platform where businesses and people can join and connect with specific communities. One of the most important tools in building an awareness for new profiles or seasoned influencers alike, is community engagement. Community engagement is essential in getting the conversation started, and letting other members of your community become aware of your profile. We’re laying down do’s and don’ts of community engagement and what you can gain from it all.

Before you can start connecting with your target audience, you must first find your tribe. The community you want to become a part of are those who have related interests or a similar purpose for being on the app. Hashtags are the best place to start because they open up the floodgates to every community imaginable. DO: choose a hashtag that you use often in your posts, then scroll through other posts that also use that hashtag. After searching through the top posts that use these same hashtags, make sure to leave a positive comment, a like, and maybe even a follow! This not only helps build your brand, but reach more people than ever before. The more people you reach, the more your community will begin to grow.  

Leaving a couple of comments, then sitting back and watching the numbers grow won’t do the trick. Consistency and quality is key when building your community. DON’T: leave generic comments that can be found under any type of content. Put thought and care into what you’re putting out into the social media world. Not only will this make you stand out from the rest, but will also motivate others to return the engagement. DO: set aside 20-30 minutes a day solely for community engagement. This upkeep will allow your profile to be seen more and more. DON’T: attempt to connect with irrelevant profiles. This defeats the purpose of building a strong relationship with others that might be interested in your content.

Community engagement can impact your social media game in more ways than one. It is key to not only growing your following, likes, and comments, but building your brand and business. Community engagement allows you to connect with real people who are interested in your brand, which can be more beneficial than numbers in the long run.

We hope these Do’s and Don’ts help you flex your engagement game and enjoy your social media platforms even more. For more social media tips and tricks make sure to stay updated on our blog and follow @socialsarahmony on Instagram!