How to Make the Most of a Monthly Content Calendar


Anyone who has ever worked in the world of social media knows that content calendars = life. What better way to strategize your monthly posts, celebrate holidays like World Taco Day, and plan your clever captions ahead of time? The Social Sarahmony team doesn’t go a day without checking into our content cals, so we’re here to tell you how to use your monthly content calendars to flex your best social media game.

1. Never guess again

One of the best things about using a monthly content calendar is that for the entire month ahead, each one of your posts is planned and ready to go. Determine how many times a week your various accounts are posting, and what days your content will go live. Then decide which photos/videos to choose and the appropriate captions. Never again try and guess which photo you were supposed to post on the third Saturday of October. Simply glance at your content cal to stay on top of posts.

2. Celebrate

Our favorite thing about planning our posts ahead is that we love to stay on top of the monthly Holidays. Whether that be the big ones like Halloween and Christmas, or the small but ever important holidays like National Milkshake Day, we make sure we’re aware ahead of time so we have the perfect photo to post. This way, we aren’t hastily trying to find content to post and instead keeping our feeds consistent and fresh.

3. Consistency is Key

Staying organized with a monthly content calendar is key to creating your best feed. Our team prefers to post at least three times a week, with each post going live at the same time each time. This consistency not only allows our audiences to expect when to see our content, but also helps us know exactly when to post. However, life, and social media, is unpredictable. If a client or yourself wants to add an unplanned post to the feed, don’t fret. Instances like these keep your profile up to date and current.

Whether you want to create your own calendar, or use a pre-made template like the amazing, utilizing a monthly content cal to your advantage can raise your social media bar even higher. We hope these tips help you organize and plan your highest quality content.