Balancing Work and Play in the Social Media


Everyday is different when working in the world of social media. New ideas, creative projects, and communicating with clients are just some of our favorite things about our digital profession. One of the best advantages of having Instagram as one of our social tools is that we can work from everywhere and anywhere. However, with this flexibility comes great responsibility! We strive to balance keeping up with the demands of feeds, followers, and aesthetic, while making sure to step away from the workplace, wherever that may be. Sometimes it’s hard to find that sweet spot of working on your own schedule, while still taking time to step away from the screen. Here are our go to tips on how to balance your work, while still leaving room for some much needed play:

  1. Switch up your space

If you find yourself inspired by working at your kitchen table everyday, find a space that allows your creative thoughts to flow freely. Designate a space in your home that motivates you to be your own boss. Local coffee shops also offer a productive environment where you can surround yourself with others who are working on their own time. Plus, who doesn’t love a macadamia milk latte?

  1. Don’t take work wherever you go

It may seem easy to respond to a client email or check on your instagram engagement when out to dinner with a friend or spending time with family. Although productive, allowing yourself to separate your work time and “me” time can improve your productivity and creativity in the long run. Close the computer at the end of the day, throw on a face mask, and enjoy your nightly Netflix binge ritual. Wake up the next morning refreshed and clear minded for what’s ahead!

  1. Create a schedule

Integrating structure into your work day helps you complete your tasks and accomplish goals. This allows the everyday distractions of friends, house chores, and the latest quiz on buzzfeed to take the backburner for a few hours a day. Designate this time like you would if you were going to the office and working along peers. Also incorporate some much needed breaks to move your body and replenish your creative flow. Finish your day feeling accomplished and satisfied.

Whether you're new to the work-from-home life or feeling stuck in the same old routine, we hope these tips help you find a balance in your daily grind. Be sure to check back every other week for a brand new blog post from the SocialSarahmony team.