What Not to do When Trying to Grow your Instagram

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It’s no secret that Instagram is one of the biggest platforms for sharing and engaging in original content. This creative space gives users the opportunity to reach large audiences with their posts and engagement, creating an amazing community of like minded creators. If you're trying to gain followers, increase engagement, build a communityor just want to connect with more people, you may feel frustrated when you feel like you're doing everything right, with no results to show it. That's why we're here to point out some mistakes you might not even know you are making. Keep reading for tips so you can grow grow grow!

1. Be Genuine

Even though Instagram isn't IRL, it is very easy to tell when someone is being genuine or not. Transparency is key to Instagram because this allows other users to relate and interact with the real you. If you find yourself making generic comments on others posts, without any real context or relatability, your comments won’t stand out or grab that person’s attention. Also, if you do get caught in the act of faking yourself, your rep can seriously take a toll. Remember, it's always better to be authentic in a world of counterfeits.

2. Don’t Follow for Follow

Sure, this may seem like a concrete way to gain followers because the more numbers the better, right? Not always. Yes, you may see your follower count raise when you advertise a follow for follow deal all over the gram, but these new followers may not always be the audience you’re trying to attract. This crowd is most likely also looking for more followers, but aren’t genuinely interested in your content. This will show on your likes, comments, and general engagement, making this method almost useless. It may take more effort, but try to engage with others who truly want to see your content. Quantity is definitely not better than quality in this case.  

3. No one likes Spam

Don’t be the account that comments and likes over 100 times on a profile or post. Just don’t. This almost will always have the exact opposite effect of what you're striving for. Not only does this make you look like a sketchy bot, but will make any influencer and blogger so annoyed they will close out the app all together. Feel free to follow, engage, and comment how you please, but never overdo it!  

3. Find your Vibe

Now that you’ve changed your ways and are an Instagram growing pro, you can narrow down your aesthetic to something that is true to you. Having a distinct “look” to your profile helps others understand your brand, as well as remembering you even after they click on the next upcoming influencer. Once you’ve established your aesthetic, look for others with a similar vibe who you can make a genuine connection with!

We hope these tips help you take your instagram to the top of the pop page and let you enjoy the app even more! Now take your new tools and start building your brand to the level you know it can be.