How Instagram Aesthetics can make or break your Feed


Instagram is the go to platform that is entirely based on visuals. Unlike Twitter and Facebook that utilize aspects like status updates and opinion sharing along with photos and videos, while Instagram’s feed is exclusively dependent on some form or another of a graphic element. Whether your account is committed to recipe sharing, fashion updates, or dog photography, establishing an aesthetic is essential in creating a feed that will draw your audience in and encourage them to stick around.

Before you decide on a certain look for your profile, your must first be aware of who your audience is and what they are looking for. The first thing someone sees when visiting your profile is the most recent  2-3 grids of posts you have shared. This is the deciding factor on whether or not they decide to hit that follow button. A good instagram feed can make or break your account because if your content does not effectively display the story you are aiming to tell, this will be translated in your analytics. When your Insta appeals to the audience, they are motivated to stick around for more.

The first step to building a cohesive feed is choosing a filter that you can apply to every photo you post. Take into consideration what type of content you are posting. If your posts are mainly focused on baking or art, choose a filter that is bright and will enhance your content. Even if you post about a variety of subjects, a filter sets the tone for your feed vibe. We love utilizing fun apps like VSCO, which provide a large range of filter options besides the standard instagram classics like Valencia. Along with a filter, focusing on a certain color that appears consistently can allow your followers to recognize your posts when they appear on their feeds, and help them understand the overall meaning behind your account.

Another way to guarantee a cohesive feed is to take advantage of platforms like Planoly or Unum, where you can plan your posts ahead of time and see how they will appear on your profile. Arranging your posts this way can prevent a drastic mistake of breaking the flow of your feed. Spacing your subjects out creates variety while assuring that no two similar posts will be placed together.

Finally, it’s time to choose a theme that will tell you or your brand’s story. There are an infinite amount of directions to take, but some our favorite looks include:

  1. Color Block: This theme is extremely colorful, and looks best when your content is full of color, and can be done by choosing images that are mostly made up of a single color that can contrast from one another.

  2. Minimalist: With this refreshing theme, less is more. Brands featuring a certain product or service can use neutral colors, simple images, and an organized pattern to give a professional impression on their audience.

  3. Color Transition: This fun feed can be accomplished by choosing to post content that features a single color that lasts for at least 3-4 rows of grids. After featuring this color, switch to a contrasting one and post that color for some time. This produces a feed that looks organized but also fun!

Taking the time to establish an aesthetic can be the secret ingredient in what sets you apart from accounts similar to yours. Each post is a piece of the puzzle, and when the puzzle is pieced correctly, your story shines through. Follow our tips if you want to learn how an Instagram aesthetic can grow your audience, increase your engagement, and define your brand. We are also available for social media consulting on this subject!