How to Be Present While Staying Social


We’ve all been there. You’re at dinner with friends or having a conversation at work, and find yourself constantly checking your texts, emails, and feeds. We all love social media for different reasons. Staying updated on your friends and family, sharing the best moments of your life, and finding a like minded community are just some of our favorite things about these platforms.

While we love being able to stay connected at all times, sometimes, it's best to know when to unplug. We want to share how we practice presence, while still staying on top of our social media game.

Know When to Stop Working

For us at Social Sarahmony, social media is not only for pleasure, but for business as well! A typical day in the life at the office consists of engaging online, posting, and planning our content for the weeks ahead. We love every aspect of this modern marketing tool, but when everyday is filled with constant feed updates, creative captions, and client emails, it’s best to know when to take a break. The best approach to this is to set aside a time at the end of the day where you are away from your phone for at least an hour. Spend this time doing something you genuinely enjoy, and where you don't feel like you have to update your followers on your every move. Our go to ways to unwind are cooking a homemade meal after work, moving our body (without taking a gym selfie!), and cozying up with our favorite book before bed.

Don’t Do it for the Gram

While nothing is wrong with documenting life’s moments for memories that will last forever, sometimes it's easy to get lost in getting the shot for the perfect instagram post. With Iphones practically being as advanced as a Nikon nowadays, it's hard to fight the urge of having a full blow photo shoot every chance you can take. Try to remind yourself to live in the moment, which for us means asking ourselves if we actually want to document this current time in life, or if we just want to see how many likes our photo can get.

Only Check When You Need To

One of the easiest and most useful tools in staying in the now is to simply turn off your notifications! Not only will this save a TON of precious phone battery, but will also limit the amount of time you are scrolling through your feeds. Doing so will help you pay more attention to what's in front of you, immerse yourself in real life, and help you actually engage in that dinner you planned with your friends (you don’t HAVE to take a boomerang of a group cheers). There’s nothing wrong with wanting to share life’s little moments, but take time to actually enjoy them.

Social media means the world to us at Social Sarahmony, but we make sure it doesn’t become our entire world! Finding that perfect balance of presence on and offline can be tricky, but we hope these tips help you find that sweet spot, and take you one step further in enjoying the best of these social worlds.