no lie in these fries Top 5, Top 5 #NationalFrenchfriesday

Happy #NationalFrenchFryDay!!! As an ode to the ever popular snack we all love and adore - we are rounding up our 5 all time favorite spots for the BEST FRENCH FRIES (for every type of french fry lover) in Los Angeles. 

1. Honor Bar (for the combo lover) - hand cut to perfection and paired heavenly with the Crispy Ding's Sandwich - these fries will make you go home happy. 


2. Johnny Rockets (for the classic eater) - thick, potato-y, always served hot and comes with a happy face ketchup. Also - they can be a base for chili cheese fries - the best in town. 

3. Plan Check (for the "healthy" eater) - because they have sweet potato waffle fries that come with a side of mouth watering peach ketchup.

4. Wally's Beverly Hills (for the foodie) - TRUFFLE FRIES. Need we say more? 


5. McDonald's (for the fast food lover) - Crispy, thin, salty. A true original french fry lover's dream.