Travel Essentials for the Roaming Worker

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The SS team loves to come together, work in a productive environment, and create an end result we are all proud of. However, like everyone else, we find ourselves meeting deadlines, communicating with clients, and consistently brainstorming even when we're away from the office. With it being easier than ever to stay productive and on top of your work even while trotting across the globe, we wanted to share our must have travel essentials for those who work while roaming.  

1. Plugged In  

It’s a no brainer that you will need your computer, phone, or tablet in order to communicate with others wherever you are in the world. Make sure your devices never fail on you with a reliable portable charger. We also recommend keeping your phone, tablet, and computer chargers stored in a safe place with easy access. We love to keep everything neat and organized in a cute but practical laptop bag that can come along with you on a car, plane, or train!

2. Written Word

For some, writing down your goals, tasks, and to do lists helps to stay organized and focused. Using a planner to keep track and categorize your schedule can be crucial to those who want to stay on top of their work. It's also always satisfying to physically cross off what you have completed, leaving you feeling accomplished and productive!

3. Snacks

Brain food is always a necessity to keep you concentrated and fully alert. Nobody has time to be hangry when they have things to do! Don't rely on overpriced airport food or sad gas station snacks to fuel your mind and body. Wolo Snacks is our go to travel snack to bring around whenever we need a healthy pick-me-up. With each bar containing a full day’s worth of Vitamin C, and coming in delicious flavors like mint chocolate chip, cocoa crunch, and peanut butter, we are always left feeling satisfied and nourished. Some other easy snacks to pack that won't go bad and pass the pesky TSA rules are mixed nuts and seeds, dried fruits, kale chips, individual peanut butter pouches, and roasted chickpeas!

You don’t have to choose work or play when traveling to wherever your heart desires. We hope our travel essentials help you pack to be productive, motivated, and creative on any of your next treks!