Must-Know Social Media Updates May 2018

Instagram Updates

Instagram announced Thursday that it now lets you share a feed post to your story. When you stumble on a post that inspires you, you can share it immediately as a sticker to your story for your followers to see.

Just go to the paper airplane button below the post as if you were sending it via DM, and at the top you’ll now see an option to create a story. Customize it as you please and then post. Voilà.


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Things to note: only posts that are public will be able to be shared, and users will be able to disable this feature at their discretion. If you don’t see the “Create a story with this post” feature yet, stay tuned, it will be released to iOS in the coming days.

Speaking of story updates… have you tried the emoji slider yet?

GDPR Basics 


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If you’ve been hearing a lot about GDPR, but it’s leaving you scratching your head, you’re not alone. Read all about what it is here. All in all, it’s intended to give users back control of their data, which is a good thing.

The changes from this EU legislation take place starting May 25 and have worldwide implications for any entities processing the personal data of EU citizens. What does it mean as a website owner or blogger?

If you’re a webmaster, compliance is necessary. Full disclosure should be given when collecting data. This includes information on how you’re collecting, processing and storing the data you are retaining on everything from your website, to your plugins and email list.

For you this may mean introducing a new privacy policy on your website and having people opt-in. You can add a notification bar to your landing page or use a built in privacy badge. Please note, we aren’t legal experts, so it’s important to read up on the change to make sure you’re properly informed.

Below are some tools that can help with GDPR compliance on:




Pinterest Makeover



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You’ve likely noticed a new Pinterest profile design on your Pinterest homepage. Did you know that a monthly viewers metric will also be public? This number will tell you (and everyone else) the total number of people who saw your Pins in the last 30 days.

For influencers monetizing their posts, this is a big deal. Pinterest is also using this feature as an opportunity to remind users that they can promote pins to up their reach.

By Jennifer Callahan