Turn your brand into a lifestyle. Our speciality in digital marketing focuses on pushing the limit for our clients to revolutionize themselves in the social media space.   

Our team focuses on all things social media. We have experience working with a wide range of clients including hospitality, consumer goods, culinary, fashion, non-profit and entertainment. Above all, we look to build a lifestyle and online community for your brand to increase brand awareness, visual appeal, numbers, and profitability in hopes to set you apart from competition. 

Young and motivated, we are a team committed to taking our client’s online presence to the next level.


Past & Present


platform management

Managing our client's platforms day to day is vital for community building, engaging with target audiences, and giving brands a voice to relate to their current and potential consumers. We determine which platforms are necessary to utilize and provide suggested spend for key platforms to maximize reach and impressions. Community management is essential for a positive and influential brand presence online. 

Content Creation

We want to bring your brand alive through original content that engages your target audience to push brand awareness and a signature aesthetic while gaging sales and marketing needs for your business.  From photography, video to graphic design, we creative direct projects that will help your brand become recognizable, meaningful and profitable. 


A positive brand perception is the result of planning, strategy and execution. Our team is focused on meeting goals and efficiently executing them through organization and implementation. We thrive on brand story telling, building an online community and bridging the gap between brand and target consumer. Social media is a new sales power tool thus strategy must be well thought out prior to execution.

Consulting is also an option for brands where we can guide them in the right direction on “how to social media” and best practices specific to your brand. 


Essentially, social media is online brand development. We have experience in helping brands that are new as well as existing brands that wish to revive their brand.  


As experienced writers and blog designers, we have the ability to create blog sites, curate and write blog posts for our clients if desired.  Many brands look to further their brand direction by exploring other realms of reaching out to their audiences including blogging.


We encourage events for brand awareness and cross promotional purposes and happy to put the right people in touch with each other to make this happen. We love attending events to capture future content and live streaming as well. 


With our roster of various influencers, we target and communicate brand appropriate influencers and create exciting campaigns to bring awareness to your brand. Our mission is to build solid relationships between brands and influencers while targeting desired consumers to increase growth, revenue, engagement and relevance to your brand.


We are adamant about results and meeting goals on a monthly basis to see what is working on your specific social channels versus what is not. Our social media software determines detailed results on measuring what can be deemed as successful on your channels and where we can adjust accordingly to outcomes.

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About Us

Social Sarahmony is based in West Hollywood and was founded by Sarah Noorian Aszkenazy in 2016.  After being in the social media space for 6 years, completing her Masters Degree in Communications from USC and being inspired by the rise in powerful female founders, Sarah has poured her passion for social media into her company and helping brands online. She loves a good pun, cooking with a glass of wine in hand, hot yoga and spending weekends with her husband trying new restaurants in the city and going to the Farmer's Market. 

Social Sarahmony's team, small but mighty, is built on strategic work ethic and strong creative skills. Working with Social Sarahmony is a personal journey and experience. 




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